Waste not, Want not – No Impact Week Day 2

Yesterday was Day 2 of No Impact Week: Trash! Here is the rundown of my no/low impact success rate.

Worked from my boyfriend’s house, so there was less of a temptation to buy prepackaged food or waste to-go coffee cups. However, I could not find the french press in his cupboard, even though he assured me it would be there. I am someone who really appreciates my morning cup of coffee, and I had the live twitter chat with Annie Leonard to be jazzed up for!

Luckily, my boyfriend Justin randomly stopped home in the midst of his work errands, and sweetly offered to go grab me a coffee before the chat. I happily agreed — on the condition that he bring a travel mug to put the hot goodness in. He left the house, one travel mug in hand, stating that he wasn’t going to have any coffee. Ten minutes later, he is back — TWO travel mugs in hand! Yes, once in the thralls of the coffee shop, he decided he wanted some — and so purchased another travel mug to keep us from having trash (mug came with no packaging, I did ask). Consumerdom – yes. Trash – no.

However, highlight of my trash-less day was the bbq we went to in Duvall, at a horse ranch. I was going to meet some of Justin’s friends, but I was concerned about the bbq mentality. We packed a canvas bag with a plate, our two coffee mugs (one new) for beer, two cloth napkins, and brought an empty growler that we already had to a brewery to get it refilled. Best part about bringing all our own stuff was that it sparked conversations about No Impact Week. Everyone was very excited and helpful to support us (we had forgotten silverware, so they got us some). Wonderful meal with wonderful people, with no trash, out by the foothills of the Cascades.

One last note: my coworker and I cut, matched, and sewed cloth napkins for everyone in our office. She had already had the fabric, I cut and matched two different pieces, she sewed them, and presto! Instant napkins for all our coworkers! YES! to reusing — and they are pretty too!


~ by sunlightofsara on September 20, 2011.

One Response to “Waste not, Want not – No Impact Week Day 2”

  1. I like this blog, Sara. I’d love to see more of it!

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