No Impact Week – Consumption challenge!

Today was Day 1 of No Impact Week. I was not supposed to buy anything, other than food, and I had set out to try to limit my consumption of that as well (buying the food, not eating it, I like to eat).

Sunday usually is a day I steer clear of purchasing things anyway. My mom used to say that is was sad to see everyone flock to the church of consumption on a lovely Sunday off of work. I agree. Sundays should be time for quality time with those you care about and mentally free yourself of clutter before the start of the work week (for those among us who are M-Fers).

I managed to do fairly well! I managed not to buy anything at all, but of course I am not a sole entity entirely.

I had a business meeting with some friends at a coffee shop, but they footed the bill, as it was a business meeting, and we ate it ‘for here’, so no waste either! Then I went grocery shopping with my boyfriend for dinner food, and he bought champagne, syrup, and sausage (brunch for dinner with mimosas, it was wonderful!) We used the blueberries we had picked and frozen earlier in the month and other pancake makings from the pantry. Wonderful dinner, minimal purchasing, day one a delicious success!

In preparation for tomorrow, this is the waste I produced/co produced today. Foil off champagne bottle, plastic wrap and foam tray from sausage (there must be a better way to package meat, I am investigating!), and a cork. Of course some of the things, like syrup, are in plastic bottles, but my sweet tooth doesn’t extend to a whole bottle during one pancake dinner!

Goal: Less or no trash tomorrow that isn’t recyclable, reusable, or compostable! Come on Day 2!

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~ by sunlightofsara on September 19, 2011.

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